Pearl Jam- A Band Apart (From Others From Seattle, At Least)

Ah, Pearl Jam! What a quintessentially American proposition. A large portion of the band’s repertoire certainly consists of expansive rock that matches the vast surroundings of their country.  A common comment I’ve heard regarding them is along the lines of “oh no, not Pearl Jam”, or just complete indifference.

The band have been together since 1990 and rose from the ashes of the grunge band Mother Love Bone (whose singer Andrew Wood died from a heroin overdose in March 1990), and have released nine albums to date with Backspacer being released in 2009. Their strength lies in their versatility, with their output shifting between affecting songs such as Black and Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town and rollicking rockers such as Once. Pearl Jam have always the distinction of being fronted by the passionate Eddie Vedder, a man who treats his songs like a loved one. As powerful as songs such as I Got I.D. are, they tend to flounce around like some sort of drunken prima donna at a party, all arms being waved ecstatically in the air. This is what makes them distinctive. The intensity of their music is like a sucker punch to the senses, when listening to music becomes an experience. The same can’t be said for Staind, can it?

Recommended playlist- Alive, Black, Once, Jeremy, Elderly Women Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Corduroy, I Got I.D., Hail Hail, Do The Evolution, Spin The Black Circle, Even Flow, Rats, Dissident, State Of Love And Trust, Go, I Am Mine

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