The kind of films that you know squat all’s going to happen in

I’m sure everyone’s watched the kind of film where they’ve thought I might have well have gone maypole dancing for all this film is doing for me. Well, here’s an example of a film where you know that nothing’s going to happen in.

1) Return of the Vampire (1944)

This black and film is led by the masterful Bela Lugosi, a vital asset and Lugosi does indeed do an admirable job as the lead vampire. However, the film is floundered by its poor production values and predictable sets (there’s the obligatory spooky mists and cardboard graves that probably cost $1 to make), and some atrocious acting which is at its apogee with a couple of labourers who bumble around the graveyard like a couple of incompotent bees in a paper bag. Overall, it was pretty obvious that there would no astounding plot twists here. Still, oddly memorable.

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